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General Contractor? Let us help get your bids out.

We know.  It’s really challenging to stay focused on projects already won, yet still have the time (or the staff) to build new comprehensive & competitive estimates.  We can help.  We've created hundreds of successful estimates for General Contractors ranging from $200,000.00 to $20,000,000.00.

We work on an “as-needed" hourly basis.  You receive the benefits of an experienced Project Estimator, but only pay for the actual hours or portions of hours used. 

And let’s be honest.  Since we aren’t staff costing you money when you don’t need us, so you won’t grow to hate us.

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Property Owner? That major remodel or new build can be scary. We can help.

For most Property Owners planning a major remodel or building that “Dream Home”, it’s almost impossible to know what has (or what has not) been included in competing General Contractor bids.

We know what should be included, and we know the right questions to ask.  We do takeoffs of your plans, then build a detailed estimate showing you what your project should cost. This unique approach gives you the edge to know when your competing bidders are too high (or even too low, which can be worse) per trade & per line item.  And believe us, there’s a lot of power & savings in that.

Our goal is to help you feel confident about choosing a General Contractor.  We visit their past projects and current worksites and see what the real story is, and we’re happy to sit in on your project meetings.

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So you’ve chosen your Contractor. Now what?

Well, like the best committed relationships, there still may be some ups and downs ahead. 

Because we’ve already estimated your project & know it inside out, we can stay on as your Owner’s Representative to find the fair cost for the upgrades & change orders you’ve asked for.

And if you’re like the majority of Owners, you’ve put off decisions like whether to go with tankless water heaters, radiant floor heating, real hardwood flooring, or even that waterfall in the master bedroom. 

We’re here to help you assess the cost and impact of those delayed choices & options -- well before they slow construction and result in higher General Condition costs.

Actually, who wouldn’t want a waterfall in their bedroom?

We also make weekly site visits to approve payment requests (based on the percentage of completed work), and provide you an updated Project Cost Chart which compares our Project Estimate against the Contractor’s budget & their actual billing.  Frankly, a great tool to stay on top of your project’s cost in real time.