Rob Cohen founded RCC Construction Services in 2008 in Marina de Rey, California. As a member of the American Society of Professional Estimators, he has prepared scores of residential and commercial project estimates, ranging from $200,000.00 to $102,000,000.00.

His expertise includes the following:

Contest Insurance Settlement Offers

We’ve been very successful aiding Homeowners who have suffered a loss due to water or fire damage by contesting their insurance company’s low-ball settlement offers.

Provide Services To Homeowners

We help Homeowners plan a major remodel or build their “Dream Home” by knowing what should be included, what it costs and the right questions to ask of your General Contractor.

Support Legal Actions Against Negligent Contractors

We’ve had great success supporting Homeowners bringing legal actions against General Contractors who were negligent or performed poorly on major remodels or new construction.

Provide Services To Contractors

We help General Contractors reduce stress and produce an overall bid that safeguards profits yet stays competitive by seeing  budgets include the entire scope of the project.

How We Help

Aiding Homeowners

For Homeowners planning a major remodel or new home, we create “Benchmark” Detailed and Summary Estimates showing you what your project should cost.

We then Chart our numbers per trade and task against the Homeowner’s competing G.C. bids to clarify where each bid is too high or too low per trade, highlighting what has been included (and what has not), to minimize conflicts.

We’ve also been very successful aiding Homeowners whose properties have suffered fire or water damage — only to then discover their Insurer’s Settlement Offer is ridiculously low and missing scope.

And for those Homeowners who need to bring legal actions against a negligent Contractor, we estimate the costs to go backwards to correct the negligent work, as well as, the costs to complete the project.

Owner's Representation

Homeowner’s often have us act as “Owner’s Representative” to monitor the construction progress, check for plan-specified materials and industry-standard installation methods. We also determine the fair cost for any Owner-requested Upgrades or the need for any Contractor-issued Change Orders.

We review and approve of G.C.’s Progress Payment Requests (based on the percentage of completed work) and we aid in the resolution of any conflicts that may arise between Contractor and Owner during the construction progress.

We are often asked to create and update a ”Gantt Chart,” a.k.a. Critical Path Schedule, which highlights projected project milestones. We can also create a Comparison Chart of the GC’s Budget vs. Actual Billing, inclusive of any Change Orders.

Aiding General Contractors

General Contractors find it’s challenging to stay focused on projects already won, yet still have the time — or the staff — to build new comprehensive and competitive estimates. We can help.

We’ve created scores of successful estimates for General Contractors ranging from $200,000.00 to over $102,000,000.00.

Our Detailed & Summary Project Estimates are broken down into scope of work categories like “Shell”, “Finishes”, “ADU”, Hardscape & Pool, or any other breakouts of cost that you or your client requires.

We work on an “as-needed” hourly basis. You receive the benefits of an experienced Project Estimating team, but only pay for the actual hours or portions of hours used.


Client Testimonials

“For twenty years, I or my staff have estimated all our work. Having Rob do our estimating has allowed us to provide more complete and comprehensive bids than ever. Rob’s construction background enables him to add what needs to be there whether or not it is drawn. Outsourcing absolutely works for me as an efficient, cost effective help to my company. I thank Rob for his detailed efforts.

Dan Andrews
Horizon General Contractors
Santa Monica, CA.

“RCC Construction Services is impeccable in finding the “surprises” which most estimators seem to always overlook. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Rob on numerous projects over a ten-year period. His experience as a general contractor, have provided him with an unbeatable advantage as an estimator in the building and remodeling industry. His attention to detail also assures that all parties are on the same page. My only regret is not having him full-time on our team”

Brock Ward
Brock Ward Construction
Los Angeles, CA

“Rob Cohen has played a crucial role in the growth of H.A.S. Construction without a doubt! His construction knowledge, people skills and reliability to time-sensitive subjects are only a few of his many talents. His presentations are complete, informative, and easy to understand for all parties concerned. I would recommend his services to anyone — but not too much — we still need his help and we selfishly don’t want to share him with the competition.”

Andre L. Viault
HAS Construction
Culver City, CA

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