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Contesting Insurance Settlement Offers

We’ve been very successful aiding Homeowners who have suffered a loss due to water and/or fire damage by contesting their insurance company’s lowball settlement offers.

While insurance companies promise to make you “whole”, the truth is they often use confusing computer reports filled with low-ball labor and material prices not related to the current prices charged by quality General Contractors, Sub-contractors & Suppliers in your area.

Our Process

We first create a Restoration Detailed Estimate which is broken down by Trade & Task, along with a Comparison Chart showing our RCC numbers against the insurance numbers to show where they are low, missing scope or have left out the costs of Code Upgrades.

Once our Client receives a revised offer, we re-chart their numbers to show where they are still low, still missing scope and still missing the costs of Code Upgrades. This process sometimes takes 3 or 4 efforts. While we can’t guarantee your Insurance Company will do the right thing, it’s been our experience that you’ll receive a Final Settlement much higher than their initial offer and which easily covers the cost of our fees as the following chart shows:

RCC Construction Services, Inc. Settlement Chart

We would be happy to discuss how we can be of help to you and your Clients.