Supporting Legal Actions Against Negligent General Contractors

RCC Construction Services has been very successful providing support to Homeowners bringing legal actions against General Contractors who were negligent or performed poorly on major remodels or new builds.

      • After our site visits and study of the construction documents and plans, we create a Detailed “Benchmark” Estimate of the costs to remove and correct the sub-par work, as well as estimate the costs needed to bring the project to completion per plan.

      • Our Detailed “Benchmark” Estimates are broken down by Trades & Tasks, and feature Cost Scope Columns subtotaling each of the house’s major construction issues needing to correct — inclusive of a new GC’s General Conditions, Liability Surcharge Fees, and Overhead & Profit.

      • We also create easy reference “Quick Charts” which summarize total costs to correct and restore each of the home’s major construction issues, as prep for mediation or a court case.

Our fees are a fraction of the total of the estimates we create
as shown in the following chart:

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